Zoom Bomb Squad

Protect your Zoom meetings from "Zoom bombing" by unwanted participants! This tool creates secure links you can share to your Zoom meetings that prevent your participants from leaking the link and password to cyberbullies and vandals.

First, enable passwords for your meeting as well as embedding the password in the invitation URL if it is not enabled already.

Now, copy your invitation URL (password included) and select some options. You can disable the microphone and camera securely, as this tool will disable the user microphone and camera from being shared with your meeting at all, preventing unwanted audio and video interruptions without needing your intervention.

Zoom BombSquad will provide you a secure link you can share with your participants. This link will bring them to a secure page where the original meeting link cannot be extracted, and where your chosen options are applied!

Important note: If Zoom asks for a meeting password after a participant has logged into Zoom, do not give them the meeting password! Instruct them to click the BombSquad link again and they will enter the meeting automatically.

This web page is not affiliated in any way with Zoom. Use at your own risk.

An experimental project by Kevin Loeffler

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